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Private Aircraft

Private Jets

There's never been a better time to travel by private jet. Travel to your schedule, from private terminals and with your the luxury extras that make private jet travel really special.

We work with private jet operators across Australia and worldwide to find you the best option, every time. From light jets to long haul luxury, we have an affordable, luxurious and flexible option for you.


We work with a range of specialist private jet operators worldwide to secure the right aircraft for your needs. We have access to aircraft 24/7 on short notice to always get you on your way. Our range includes:

  • Light jets perfect for short hops around Australia for between 2 and 9 passengers,

  • Spacious 10  to 16 seat medium haul jets for larger groups or extra comfort with full stand-up cabins and onboard flight attendant,

  • Larger 14 to 80+ seat long haul private jets for large groups or worldwide long haul flights.

Image by Chris Leipelt


Private jet travel isn't just the most luxurious way to fly, it's the most convenient and flexible.

Depart and arrive from private VIP terminals, away from the busy main airport. Arrive minutes before your flight departs and after landing be in a car heading on your way in seconds of stepping off the plane.

Fly to your schedule, directly to your destination and we're flexible on the day, if your meeting has run over or there's bad traffic no problem, we work around you.

The whole plane is yours, travel in comfort and privacy the whole way. Your children, pets and whatever luggage you need are welcome along with you.

This is flying your way, to your schedule and your personal preferences everytime. 


At H4U Travel we're here for you every step of the way.

Unlike a private jet broker we can look after more than just an aircraft. Our team can also assist with your ground transport needs,  accommodation solutions, VIP handling, connecting helicopters flights and any travel concierge need you have.

We also work with a wide range of operators ensuring that you get the most affordable and suitable solution, every time.

Image by Ramon Kagie

Contact our private jet team using the form below or for urgent charter needs we're available 24/7 at:


WhatsApp Message: +61451774767

Phone: +61 7 5646 4505

We'll be in contact soon.

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