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Our guide to empty leg private jet flights

We've received lots of questions recently asking "what is a private jet empty leg?". Well we're here to help answer!

Private jets are often thought of as being only for the rich & famous. There are however lots of ways to secure a good deal and empty legs are right at the top of the value list.

Often in private jet travel the aircraft operators we partner with need to position their aircraft to pick up clients so there's literally an "empty leg". These positioning flights are made available by operators at highly discounted rates.

Empty leg flights give the opportunity to travel by private jet with discounts often between 50-90%.

So what's the catch you ask? Well there's a few...

  • You'll need to be flexible with your departure time. If the primary charterer moves their travel times (which is of course one of the main benefits of private jet travel) your flight will move too,

  • On board food & beverage maybe limited, but we can of course advise you what the options will be when you book,

  • Now the big one - empty leg flights can get cancelled, including on the day. If the primary charterer cancels, the positioning flight is no longer needed so the empty leg also gets cancelled.

Here's our tips.....

  • Always book your Empty Legs through a full service travel concierge such as H4U Travel. That way if your flight is cancelled, our Travel Concierge team can take the stress away and assist in re-planning travel to keep you moving!

  • Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be the first to know about new empty legs - since they're such a great deal, they sell out fast so you need to be quick!

  • If you see a empty leg you're interested in pop up, drop us a note on WhatsApp so we can lock it in for you and

  • Only book an empty leg if you have an element of flexibility to your day - if not, we can no doubt find you a great deal through our partners on a private jet charter instead so you have the security of knowing your flight will proceed to your schedule.


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