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Review - The Salon at PS (Private Suite) - LAX

We've discovered the world's very best airport experience, join us on our journey through The Salon at PS in Los Angeles.


Booking & Prearrival Experience - 7/10

Bookings are essential and available online through the PS website. We found the website a little limited on product details although the reservation process was very easy.

We visited PS twice during our visit to the US, each time while transiting LAX. The booking process includes setting up an account and then entering your arriving and departing flight details, airline booking numbers and personal details.

PS offers a range of services at LAX including arrival, departure & transit services for both domestic & international flights and aircraft to home/hotel direct transfers for domestic arrivals only. There's also a number of membership options available for more frequent visitors or in our case bookings for non-members are also possible.

As travel goes these days, we did experience some disruptions to both our PS transits. This is where we found the experience to come a little undone. With a 90 minute airline induced delay in one direction, there was a question mark over whether PS would be able to assist with the transit still, they did come up with the goods in the end. In the other direction a requirement to push the trip back a few days due to Covid-19 resulted in a 50% cancellation fee. Given that most users of the PS service likely require a high degree of flexibility in their travel, the cancellation/change policy is hopefully an area that will be reviewed.

The Arrival - 10/10

There’s something pretty special about being met the moment you walk into the terminal and being whisked away from the hustle and bustle of LAX into a luxury private vehicle.

On both flights we’re met by very friendly drivers who immediately assist with our carry on bags and escort us out onto the tarmac to our luxury car. Within seconds of stepping off the plane, we’re comfortably on our way to PS.

Our drivers confirm our pre-booked preferences and ask if they can also prepare champagne and caviar for us on our arrival which is a nice touch. On arrival off our long haul flight we also requested a shower from the driver which was ready and waiting when we arrived at The Salon.

With Customs & Border Protection (CBP) queues often lengthy on arrival into LAX, especially during the early morning peak period perhaps the most valuable part of the experience is the private arrival processing. Our luxury car pulls up to PS’s CBP private screening point and we’re welcomed warmly into the US by a very friendly CBP agent in under thirty seconds.

Our checked baggage meanwhile is seamlessly handled behind the scenes, but we’re kept up to date on its progress during our stay.

The Salon- 10/10

PS's initial product was a selection of stunning private suite's, they've recently added The Salon shared lounge product which is what we've booked for both our transits. While this is a shared space, we had The Salon to ourselves during both our visits.

As you walk into The Salon we immediately notice the luxury look and feel and a clever design with multiple seating areas that retains a private feeling even if you were sharing the space. The comfortable lounge spaces, ample power outlets, high speed WIFI and on demand food & beverage service no doubt makes this the best place at LAX to relax between, before or after your flight.

On arrival on both visits we're quickly greeted by the dedicated customer service representative for our visits. On our first visit we're given a quick tour of the space and shown to the deluxe shower suite while on our second we're welcomed back and our requirements are double checked. During both visits, with further delays experienced we're kept well up to date on the status of our next flights and what time we'll be leaving the lounge.

There's a number of private bathrooms and shower suites, we in particular noted there are a range of complimentary bathroom amenities well beyond anything you'd experience in even the very best First Class airline lounges. The bathrooms are also cleaned impeccably and we noticed are checked and cleaned again after each use.

Within the Salon is a large bar with an impressive range of premium beverages on offer and the service is friendly, engaging and personable throughout.

The Dining - 9/10

The dining options at PS are certainly a step up from the First Class lounge options at LAX, during our visit we're also told there's a new onsite Chef who has stepped up the menu.

Prior to our arrival we're provided a menu to select from and during both visits we're invited to select from the same menu anytime during our stay.

On our first visit, an early morning transit we test out the Avocado Toast, which ends up being the best food we experienced during either visit. Stunning presentation, generous serving size and strong flavor combinations.

On our second visit during the early evening we couldn't say no to the Caviar service which was beautifully presented and a decent size serving, although perhaps a little let down by the side of potato crisps. We also road tested the Banh Mi which while lacking a bit in presentation had great flavours and was a filling early evening option.

Guests in the Private Suites have access to a more extensive menu.

The Departure - 10/10

Once again, this is where PS really shines. We're collected from The Salon and escorted to our private TSA check point where there's no queue and very friendly agents.

Within seconds we're through the TSA process, which without CLEAR or TSA pre-check has the potential to take hours in the main terminal buildings with post-Covid queues.

Then it's back into our luxury car transfer directly to our departure aircraft. On both departures we're quickly greeted by an airline agent for a boarding pass check and then we're first to board our flight.

Overall - 9.5/10

There's little doubt that PS is targeted towards a specific clientele who value their privacy and time. While the initial Private Suite pricing starts from USD$4650 for non-members, the addition of The Salon with pricing from USD$995 per person opens up PS to a new corporate travel market. Member pricing is lower and we see the benefit of membership if you're someone who frequently fly's in or out of LAX.

With LAX post-Covid CBP & TSA queues often exceeding an hour, a challenging airport to transit and lackluster premium airline lounge offering, PS certainly makes your LAX experience now something to look forward to.

The only area of concern we did identify was a potential opportunity to review, what is currently a relatively inflexible cancellation & change policy which will be a challenge for many corporate travelers.

That aside, The lounge space provides a luxurious, yet almost homely space to spend time in along with a strong food & beverage offering. The high quality bathrooms and amenities add to the premium experience.

We found the staff to all be personable, happy to engage in conversation and always available to assist. In particular the drivers we had were exceptional.

On a side note, any aircraft lovers will enjoy this experience a little more than most, the airside drive take you up close and personal to a wide range of aircraft at one of the world's busiest airports.

The true benefit however is in the seamless airport experience, from the moment we stepped off the plane until the moment we stepped back on our next flight we were amazed by the smoothest airport journey we've ever had worldwide, expertly coordinated by the exceptional PS team. If you're arriving, departing or transiting LAX, this is the only place to be.

About our review

H4U Travel visited PS at our own cost twice during September, PS was not aware a review was being conducted. All photos were taken during our visit.


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